Southern Nigeria Annual Conference:

The Southern Nigeria Annual Conference has its Headquarters in Jalingo. There are 283 charges, 67 preaching centers, 311 clergy, and 30 districts in Southern Nigeria Annual Conference. These Districts include: Jalingo District, Kona District, Sunkani District, Fan District, Iware District, Taraba West District, Taraba Central District, Taraba South District, Eugene Wesley District, Yugorobi District, Lau Central District, Yusa District, Bansi District, Zing District, Pa Zing District, Toleyu District, Sayonti District, Namotolekoto District, Kananaya District, Kpantisawa District, Kpana District, Bamga District, Yorro Central District, Pugong District, Kakulu District, Kwaji District, Yorro East District, Ankwa District, Yonko District and Danjatsari District.

Conference office Address:
Mile 6 Numan Road Jalingo
Jalingo Taraba State
Southern Nigeria Annual Conference

Hon. Driver Jalo
Director Council on Ministries