What We Believe

United Methodist Beliefs


As we venture into the years ahead , our Mission Shall be “ To raise faithful and fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ who are passionate to transform the world through preaching teaching and provision of services that carter for the physical and spiritual needs of the Church and the society

Our Vision shall be: “Becoming Faithful and Fruitful disciples of Jesus”.


During our roundtable meeting in Lagos we have set forth our strategic plan for next year and subsequent years to come. There are seven items that the Nigeria Episcopal Area leadership is inviting you to support and pursue:

  1. Revitalizing our Evangelism and Discipleship. This plan involves:
    • Sending more field evangelists
    • Starting new congregations
    • Growing vital congregations
    • Strengthening ourBible study and prayers fervent prayer meetings.
    • Increased our giving to mission
    • Increasing our worship attendance
    • Completion of Prayer Chapel at the Secretariat in Jalingo.
    • Launching a lay speaking ministry to support evangelism and discipleship.
    • Working with our fellowship group in the Church to help them know better our Church, its mission and vision.
  2. Promoting Education and Educational Institutions. This plan involves:
    • Accreditation of the degree program of the Banyam Theological Seminary.
    • Strengthening our secondary and primary schools.
    • Sending six people to masters and Ph.D. programs.
    • Reinstituting the student exchange program within our secondary schools and High school in the United States.
    • Initiating School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery as part of our plan for a United Methodist University in Nigeria.
  3. Promoting Qualitative, Accessible and Affordable Medical Care. This plan involves:
    • Partnering with our hospitals to designing a simple medical insurance plan for conference staff &families, UMC members and their families.
    • Increasing by 65% UMCN members patronage of our medical facilities.
    • Constructing and an emergency unit at our hospital in Jalingo.
    • Constructing an amenity wards at our hospital in Jalingo.
    • Employing Monitoring and Evaluation/Imagine No Malaria Coordinator at our hospital in Jalingo.
  4. Promoting Agricultural Activities. This plan involves:
    • Convening workshop and seminars for farmers on best Agricultural practices to enhance production.
    • Acquiring of 60 plots of land for Agricultural activities.
    • Planting ten thousand trees for environmental protection and Agricultural productivity.
    • Planting of cash crops, rising of chicken and fish.
  5. Strengthening the Empower Her Project: This plan involves:
    • Distribution of micro soft loans to more women.
    • Training women in various skill acquisition and entrepreneurship.
    • Making consultation on the possibility of starting an Empower Him project.
  6. Promoting Peace Building and Conflict Transformation: This plan involves:
    • Combating tribalism and sectionalism by given everyone in the Church an equal opportunity to exercise their God’s given talent.
    • Continued dialogue with our Brethren the Breakaway faction in the Southern Nigeria Annual Conference.
    • Embarking on interfaith dialogue seminar between Christian and Muslim communities.
  7. Continues Arrangement for our Centenary Event in 2023: This plan involves:
    • Planning for the New Episcopal Area.
    • Writing a history Book of the United Methodist Church in Nigeria.
    • Producing a documentary video of the 100 years of Mission work in Nigeria.
    • Continues planning for a grant celebration in 2023.