How We Serve


Orphanage Program:

If congregations are growing, but not serving the community, not serving the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, then we are not the church of Jesus Christ.

We have been a force in community change and world transformation in which God has worked through us to create hope for the hopeless. We have no further to look than our own Orphanage ministry that has been providing holistic care for children who have no hope of the future. So far at the Orphanage in Jalingo, we have 146 children that we are taking care of. We provided shelter, food, clothing, medication and education for these Children. We are on our way to a complete renovation of the Orphanage.

Agricultural Development Program (ADP):

We have seen remarkable developments in our Agricultural Development Programs. These developments were recorded in the following Areas:

  1. We have succeeded in acquiring 154 plots of new lands in Gombe, Jalingo, Karim, and Bambur.
  2. We have raised about 200 broilers (Chicken) in GwandumShongom Local Government Areas.
  3. We have planted about 4500 economic and non-economic trees across the four annual conferences.
  4. We have cultivated and purchased over 250 bags of grains in stock.
  5. We have purchase John Deere manufacturer’s tractor and the loader.

Health Program:

Our Health Care ministry is evolving, and I am glad to tell you that the United Methodist Church in Nigeria is at forefront in delivering qualitative, accessible and affordable. We have recorded tremendous achievements in our health sector which include:

  1. Building and furnishing of a new 30 bed capacity hospital in Jalingo.
  2. Renovation of our clinic in Gwandum, Bambuka, MungaDosso and Worom Maternity.
  3. Distribution of 2000 mosquitoes treated nets.
  4. Continued administration of free medical care for infant and pregnant mothers under our maternal and Child Care Program.
  5. Empowering about 200 women with micro finance loan through our Global Health Program.
  6. We have conducted 15 medical outreaches which provide a qualitative medical care to rural people in Kunini, Worom and Gwandum.
  7. We have provided medical care to about 250 people living in Numan IDP Camps.
  8. We have conducted eye camp which provided eye treated to over 150 persons with different eyes challenges.
  9. We have completed arrangement to send our medical officer and a surgery nurse to Philippines for capacity development training in conjunction with the Global Health unit of our Church.

Educational Program:

We have seen a remarkable advance in our education ministry recently. By the grace of God, we were able to accomplish the following:

  1. We have started the new Kathryn Witte Secondary School at the Orphanage Home in Mile 6, Jalingo.
  2. We have started another Secondary in Bambur, name Guinter Memorial Secondary School Bambur. After our great pioneer missionary.
  3. We have built additional block of Classrooms at Yugorobi Nursery and Primary School.
  4. We have built additional two blocks of classrooms at the Ethel Johnson Comprehensive Secondary school Karim Maunde.
  5. We have built NYSC/staff quarters at the Ethel Johnson Comprehensive Secondary School Karim Maunde.
  6. We have Built Skill Acquisition and entrepreneurship training center at the Ethel Johnson Comprehensive Secondary School Karim Maunde.
  7. We have opened a computer training center at the Ethel Johnson Secondary School Karim Maunde.
  8. We have opened Women leadership training center in Gwandum Pero Shonge.
  9. We have built and furnished male and female dormitories at the RonWiltmon Comprehensive Secondary school in Gwandum.
  10. We have employed 25 new teaches in our schools.
  11. We have opened a E-library at Banyam Theological SeminrayBambur.
  12. We have built and renovated 18 student hostels and staff quarters at Banyam Theological Seminary Bambur.
  13. We have installed solar electrification in classes, hostels, staff quarters, and on campus streets at Banyam Theological Seminary Bambur.
  14. We have started awarding degree (Bachelor of Christian Ministry) and have graduated 45 students at Banyam Theological Seminary.
  15. We have achievement a partnership relationship between Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) and West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS), Lagos.
  16. We have trained at the advance level doctoral program two BTS faculty members; Rev. Isa Duna and Rev. Umaru Diko for Doctor of Ministry at WATS.
  17. We have sent one of our pastors, Deacon Esther Inuwa to study Master of Theological Studies at Wesley Theological Seminary Washington D.C.
  18. We have sent one of our members, Asumana Paul Marafa to study degree in Nursing at the Morning Side College Iowa, United States of America.
  19. We have sent one of our members, David Ishaya to study Pharmacist at the Iowa University in United States of America.
  20. We sent Paul Johnson to Morning Site College Iowa, which he has now graduated and now serving the United States military.
  21. We have sent two of our Orphanage teenagers to Africa University Zimbabwe to study Administration.
  22. We have sent three of our youth to Africa Universityu Zimbabwe. They are Duasala Danjuma – theology, Josiah Johnmono – theology, Wanniya Ado Hosea – laboratory Science and Benjamin David – laboratory Science.
  23. We have sent two of our children from Orphanage to Taraba State University.

Theological Education Program:

Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) was established in 1946 with the intention of teaching literacy and evangelism to United Methodists who wanted to be pastors of the church. Now as a United Methodist-affiliated learning institution operated by the United Methodist Church in Nigeria, Banyam is now offering a bachelors degree in Christian Education Ministry, diploma in Christian Religion Education, and Summer Hausa Diploma in Christian Ministry. Banyam Theological Seminary is in Bambur, the Karim Lamido local government area of Taraba State in northeastern Nigeria. It has a student population of over 200; 185 males, 20 females, and 11 faculty members.

Empower Her Program:

The United Methodist Church in Nigeria, through a life-changing project called “Empower Her,” is helping women start small businesses to provide for their families. The initiative operates throughout the four annual conferences within the Nigeria Episcopal Area. Empower Her was the brainchild of the Iowa Nigeria Partnership, which started more than 10 years ago. The program was established to provide microloans for women who have good business ideas but lack the capital to begin. Most are rural women who have no means of income to support themselves and their families.

This project started with only few women, but today, we have more than 1,500 women in our record who were impacted. We always receive their success stories. This year, we have added about 800 women … 200 women from each region covered by The United Methodist Church.

IDP Camp Program:

The IDP program was established by the United Methodist Church in Nigeria to carter for the growing needs of the internally displaced People in Nigeria. The Boko Haram terrorist and the Fulani herdsmen attack has left more than 150,000 people displaced in North Eastern Nigeria between 2018 and 2019.

In view of the above, the United Methodist Church distributed food, clothes, housewares, sleeping mats, and health kits worth about N17,000,000 naira as relief materials to 500 household in 18 communities of Taraba, Benue, Nasarawa and Adamawa States.

Clean Water Program:

The Clean water project is a project that is committed to providing clean drinking water through our Village Well Program by drilling e boreholes. In 2019 this program has provided clean water in the following communities: Dala, Gora, Kunshenu, Tau, Boboyaya, Nahuta, Bayan Dutse, Lazai, and Wakare.