Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry:

Evangelism and Discipleship has been the core element of our existence as a church. Over this period, we have seen a vibrant evangelism and discipleship ministry across the conferences. Our journey has been a journey of successes amidst challenges. It may interest you to know that our membership and congregations has been growing annual by 15%. We have seen huge successes in the following areas:

  1. We have started new congregations in 34 areas which include Jigawa, Kano, Abuja, Kaduna, Jalingo, and Bandagori.
  2. About 1859 persons have been baptized in our congregations and 890 new members have joined our congregations.
  3. Our worship attendances have` increase significantly by 25%.
  4. Construction of a new prayer chapel at the Secretariat in Jalingo.
  5. We have conducted seminar on evangelism in conjunction with Firm Foundation international.
  6. We have received more than 1500 members from Zing, Yorro, and Yusa who took the bold step of unity away from the breakaway group.
  7. We have graduated 54 students from Banyam Theological Seminary Bambur.
  8. We have ordained 69 Deacons and 76 Elders and have assigned all of them in respective places of assignment.
  9. Again, for the third year in a row, God enabled us to improve our given through the Conference Equitable Financial Apportionments (CONEFA).
  10. Through our Banyam Theological seminaries in Bambur, we are equipping outstanding leaders. I invite everyone who has a certificate from BTS to stand.The certificate these friends and colleagues have earned are because of our collective committed efforts which ensure a quality education is available to all people, regardless of tribe and section.
  11. Building and installation of solar electrification of Northern Nigeria Annual Conference Secretariat Gwandum.
  12. Establishment of Pure Water packaging Company in Gwandum, Shongom Local Government Area.
  13. Today, we celebrate our increased in worship attendance. This is a significant accomplishment and a sign that God has a future for us. This growth has occurred because more of our congregations are connecting with the people in the community, using technology to engage people in worship, and creating worship that is inspiring and relevant. Our future is in our people and that is why growing the number of worshipers is not only important but essential to the mission. Without people, the mission of transforming lives, communities and the world will not be possible. All of this is possible because of the leadership of our pastors and the generous giving of our congregations.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry:

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry of the Nigeria Episcopal Area is committed to the following goals:

  • Reach out to 1500 young people each year through evangelism and discipleship.
  • Encourage education and training by sending young people back to school, finding resources to support them while in school.
  • Train 500 young people each year in various skill acquisition and entrepreneurship, training young people on leadership and encouraging them to participate in different levels of the Church; and
  • Train 150 young people on computer technology and intensify sound Biblical studies and prayer.

The ministry also committed to go fully into campus ministry in colleges and universities in Taraba State in order to transform the modern cultures that are capable of corrupting student’s moral standard.

UM Women Ministry:

United Methodist Women ministry in Nigeria is the largest group of women in Nigeria with approximately 250,000 members whose mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for women empowerment in Nigeria.

United Methodist Women Nigeria Episcopal Area is design to:

  • Promoting the empowerment of women, children and youth.
  • Promoting diversity and rejecting tribalism.
  • Promoting inclusion and equity of women in Church leadership.
  • Promoting Women Skill Acquisition and entrepreneurship.
  • Promoting economic and environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The ministry provides opportunities and resources for women to grow spiritually, become more deeply rooted in Christ and put faith into action.

The ministry organized for growth, with flexible structures leading to effective witness and action.

We equip women and girls around the world to be leaders in communities, agencies, workplaces, governments and churches through it leadership development programs. The ministry provides educational experiences that lead to personal change in order to transform the world.

UM Men Ministry

And it shall come to pass…your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions.”

Joel 2:28

 The United Methodist Men ministry in Nigeria exists to offer oversight for the coordination and resourcing of men’s ministry. It mission is to help men grow, so that men can develop closed relationship with God.

Boys/Girls Brigade Ministry:

The Boys/Girls Brigade exist in the United Methodist in Nigeria to advance the kingdom of God among young people and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness and womanliness.

Help young people develop respectable values and build a good character bases on Christian education and beliefs.

Explore youth leadership potentials and train young people to become effective leaders in church and society.

Promote whole person growth in youth by adopting the training of uniform group.

Promote Church security and defense against the raising attacks on Churches.

Gospel Singers Ministry:

The Gospel Singers Ministry exist within the United Methodist Church to engage in evangelistic and church planting ministries in the course of fulfilling the Great Commission through singing.

The ministry involves in the spread of the Gospel in rural and urban places which results in establishing churches. The goal for this ministry includes:

  1. To take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations of the world through singing.
  2. To plant new churches in every nation through evangelism and singing.
  3. To disciple the reached for the un-reached
  4. Teaching bible studies
  5. Group trainings
  6. Equipping the saints for effective ministering in the church.

Children Ministry

The children ministry is attentive to the hopes, concerns, and needs of children in the community to determine how the congregation might serve them and their families and how they might serve one another as Christian disciples and good neighbors. The ministry advocates that all children are welcome and expected to be fully engaged in the ministries of the church. The ministry plan and carry out a comprehensive program for children that includes worship, study, fellowship, service experiences, and other experiences that guide children as they grow in faith.