Bishop Johnwesley of the United Methodist Church, Nigeria Episcopal Area has today call on the people of United Methodist Church in Northern Nigeria to embrace peace, love and tolerance to one another. Bishop Yohanna made the call during the closing service of the Annual Christian Revival of the NNAC, held at Rev. Ali Masoyi Memorial Cathedral Gwandum. The call came amidst the confusion going on in the church concerning the propaganda caused by few individuals that the bishop had left UMC to GMC. Bishop Yohanna had distance himself that there is no denomination call GMC yet, and he remained bishop in the UMC as long as the issue of incompatibility of same sex marriage has not been removed in the United Methodist BOD.

The issue that causes a lot of confusion in the church has left the bishop with no option than to organized several press conferences in Taraba, Gombe and other international Radio, TV, and newspaper publishing companies, declaring his stand as the bishop in the united Methodist, and that once the issue of incompatibility of same sex marriage is been removed in the United Methodist Book of Discipline, then he would be left with no other option than to leave the church and to resign from his position as the bishop in the United Methodist Church.

The bishop also call on some individuals to stop using his photograph on illegal events that is not in the lectionary or schedules of event prepared by the four (4) annual conferences in the Episcopal Area. The bishop announced that he has seen his photograph on several programs of event in which he is not aware, he warns that that should be stopped.

            The bishop finally calls on all the members of UMC to remain connected as UMC is one connectional church, therefore we must love and tolerates one another as one family, he warns that let not the crisis going in the divide a part because united we stand and divided we fall .